Semalt: What Is Web Data Extraction – FMiner Features

Web data extraction, also known as screen scraping or web harvesting is a technique of extracting a huge amount of data from the net. The information is available on websites in unorganized forms, and a good web data extractor can organize and structure it in a proper way. Web content is useful for e-commerce portals, research firms, media companies, government agencies, digital marketers and data scientists. Besides, healthcare experts and teachers also need to scrape data for their ongoing research projects.

FMiner – A powerful web data extractor:

FMiner is one of the most amazing and powerful web scraping tools on the internet. It extracts information from real estate portals, social media sites, shopping websites, classified sites, travel portals and news outlets. You can also use FMiner to scrape information from private blogs and publish it to your own site.

Get rid of manual web scraping:

If you have been scraping data manually and lack advanced programming skills, you should opt for FMiner and get rid of manual web scraping. This tool will ease your work and get you more accurate and authentic data. Plus, you can easily save the data to a local or cloud storage, as well as download it to your hard drive for offline uses.

Unlike other ordinary data scraping tools, FMiner helps you extract HTML text, images, and videos and does it more accurately and efficiently. It navigates through different web pages, collects useful information, scrapes it instantly, and then downloads to your hard drive in no time.

Suitable for journalists:

A journalist writes news stories and publishes accurate content on a daily basis. He/she is responsible for finding out news articles and scraping them appropriately. With an ordinary web scraping tool, he/she will not be able to extract useful data and cannot collect informational materials. However, with FMiner, a journalist can extract information in a better way and can keep his/her audience updated with latest stories and current trends. FMiner was specifically designed for large-sized companies, enterprises, programmers, developers, and journalists. This tool allows you to undertake multiple web scraping projects at a time.

Compatible with all browsers and operating systems:

One of the most amazing features of FMiner is that it is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Plus, this tool is suitable for the Mac OS X, Windows and Linux users. FMiner is famous for its user-friendly interface and allows you to design a web scraping project visually. You can easily monitor the quality of data while it is being scraped.

Whether you have a large number of web scraping projects or want to extract data from dynamic sites, FMiner will perform this task better than an ordinary data extractor. This tool can also handle sites with proxy server lists, AJAX, cookies, redirects, drop-down menus, and JavaScript.

With FMiner, you can quickly master data mining and web scraping techniques and harvest data from dynamic websites. You can also extract information from Alibaba, Trivago, eBay, Amazon, CNN, BBC, and classified sites. FMiner is also used to scrape information from yellow pages, white pages, discussion forums and online directories.

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